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About us

History of the Company

Founded in 1978, the company « International Manufacturers » had for main activity the import – export of all types of goods. Then, the business specialised in the « ready to wear » industry, exporting various textiles. Seeing the limited number of clients, the risk of loosing even one of them would represent a huge danger. It was then, in the early 80’s that the company quickly turned to watchmaking products.

In the following years, the company formed close ties with suppliers located in Hong-Kong for the import of goods. The commercialization will then grow fast thanks to an efficient and organized family management.

The company will see its turnover grow up constantly. This evolution is easily explanable thanks to 3 golden rules :

  • Provide a Quality Product
  • Ensure a fast and efficient after-sale service
  • Respect our engagements

It is in 1994 that International Manufacturers decided to increase its capital and change its name for Cetronic Benelux S.A.

At our office, you will find:

Karim Bhamani :
Director of the alarm and wall clocks department, Karim is also the main contact for all logistical questions. He is also in charge of administrative and financial matters.

Geoffrey Bhamani :
Director of the watches department but also of the marketing and communication of the company, Geoffrey is the main contact with the suppliers and the international clients.

Dominique Fauviaux :
Director of the sales department and specialist of the bands, Dominique is also the intermediary between the company and our 2 sales representatives (Joël for Belgium and Claude for France).

Nicolas Schelkens:
Responsible for the online development of the company.

Jean-Marie Grosjean :
Our master clockmaker and manager of the after-sale service, Jean-Marie is your main contact for your technical questions and for all the repairs.

In Belgium, we have 3 sales representatives

For Brussels and Wallonia:
Joėl Dezeeuw and Arnaud blanche :
To reach Joėl: +32(0)474/63.68.60 - Mail: info@cetronicbenelux.com
To reach Arnaud: +32(0)498/60.22.33 - Mail: info@cetronicbenelux.com

For Flanders and The Netherlands:
Ludo Broeckx:
With 30 years of experience in the watch industry, former Maxell distributor in Belgium with Verbatco, do not hesitate to contact him for Flanders and The Netherlands.
To reach Ludo: +32(0)475/70.78.43

In France (+Dom Tom), we have 6 representatives. Send us an email on info@cetronicbenelux.com and we will ask the representative in charge of your region to contact you.
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