Cetronic : DV323


Radio Controlled
Weather Station




17.4 x 17.4 x 4 cm


Main unit: Needs 4 x “AA” - Remote Sensor: 2 x “AAA”


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DV323 MeteoTime (470 cities) with outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer
Weather Forecast:
o Weather forecast information transmitted via coded DCF/HGB signal, parallel to the transmission of Radio controlled time
o Automatic switch of HGB & DCF Signal based on the strongest signal reception
o Transmission of Weather forecast once per day
o 4-Day Weather forecast for 60 regions in Europe available; 2-Day Weather forecast for 30 regions within Europe; setting for 470 cities
o Weather forecast for TODAY and the following THREE days
o Automatically switch from Weather forecast for DAY to NIGHT
o User selectable region for weather forecast; each station receives all Weather forecasts
o TEN letters to display the city or country name
o 7 languages for weather information and settings
o Display of Rain / Snow / Hail Probability based on forecast for today
o Information about abnormal weather via icon
o Time setting and synchronization by Radio signal DCF-77
o 7-language (English / German / French / Italian / Spanish / Dutch / Swedish) day of week to selectable
o Display of Date
o Time zone setting
Sunrise / Sunset
o Display of Sunrise and sunset for 470 cities
o 1-Channel Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer, collected and transmitted by remote units
o Indoor Termo-Hygrometer
o 433 MHz Transmission Frequency
o Maximum and Minimum memory for temperature and humidity readings for both indoor and remote sensor
o Temperature in oC
o 4 line LCD Display: 1st Weekday, Weather forecast for TODAY with temperature, Alert icon, Wind direction and speed, Rain precipitation; 2nd Alternating 1-Channel remote or Indoor Thermo-Hygro display; 3rd Weather forecast for the coming THREE days; 4th Alternating display of Clock, Time zone, City, Date, Weather information and Sunrise / Sunset
o With Blue backlight feature
o Main unit: Needs 4 x “AA” size 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included)
o Remote Sensor: 2 x “AAA” size 1.5 V Alkaline batteries (not included)
o Low battery icon
Wall mount or Table standing for main unit Sensor:
o TS45: Thermo-Hygrometer
o TS45 size: 60,0 x 96,0 x 22,8 mm
Main unit
Indoor Temperature Measurement
Proposed operating range -5.0oC to +50.0oC
Temperature Resolution 0.1oC
Temperature Accuracy +5oC to +40.0oC
-9.9oC to +4.9oC +40.1oC to +60.0oC
- Factory setting: oC
Indoor Relative Humidity Measurement accuracy at 25 degree C (measurement condition)
Relative humidity Range 1% RH to 99% RH
Temperature compensation range -40.0oC to +70.0oC
Humidity Resolution 1%
Humidity Accuracy 1% to 24%
+/- 8%
25% to 80%
81% to 99%